Miranda Lambert without make up is different than you might think


Love her or hate her either way you have to admit that Miranda Lambert with no makeup is simply stunning. Miranda posed for People magazine’s annual World’s Most Beautiful issue.

Miranda said this is the look Blake gets to see when she’s chillin’ at home. How her beauty routine works?  “I just put on some tinted moisturizer and sunscreen and mascara. And lip gloss! It’s kind of an addiction.”  

Miranda pointed out that Blake thinks she looks prettier without a lot of makeup on. Sounds like a dream hubby to us but Rand said it could cause some frustration.

“I think, ‘Stop! Really? This took me three hours!’ But he doesn’t care. He sees me the same, whether I have a whole glam squad or I’m just hanging out at home.” 

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  1. Jjschuster@aol.com'

    Miranda is such a natural beauty that it makes one wonder why he divorced her for an older silicon has-been. Must have been for the publicity and money. Blake needs to figure out that people are no longer interested that once again he is getting married and what’s-her-name is pregnant with twins again. Gwen has the tabloids and paparazzi on speed dial. I seem to remember reading that this is what her brother does. The dark side of publicity. He seems to be with her all the time lately. Hope you haven’t done anything you don’t want printed, Blake. You are gonna be a has-been like your plastic ICON if you have.

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