Miranda Lambert goes super fan on Beyoncé


Considering Miranda Lambert is pretty much the Beyoncé of country music, it is hard to believe that she goes major fan girl over Queen B.

Miranda opened up to Taste of Country before the 2015 ACM Awards that she has a borderline obsessive fan disorder. (eh…happens to the best of us)

“I’m a huge fan,” she gushes, “like, almost-stalker, but not quite.”

She went on to elaborate….

“I went to see her in Dallas,” Lambert explains. “Beyoncé is so famous, she has like a celebrity meet-and-greet. Like there’s a meet-and-greet, then another meet-and-greet, then anyone who might be famous meet-and-greet. You know you’ve made it when you have a celebrity meet-and-greet.”

That seems a little over the top to us…what do YOU think?