Justin Moore’s family is busting out of 2500 square feet

Justin Moore and family
Justin Moore and family via People.com

Justin Moore is a cute little guy so you would think that a cute little house would fit him just fine.

But you’d be wrong.

Justin, who made the decision to move back to his peaceful hometown in Poyen, Arkansas to live and raise his family, tells ABC News that he and his wife are getting ready to build a new house because his growing family is ready to burst.

“We live in, like, a 25-hundred square-foot house. So, we’re busting out at the seams for lack of a better way of explaining it. I tell you what, it’s crazy when you’ve got five of us in that tiny a space.”

Hey, as long as you have two bathrooms for all those girls, 2500 square feet seems a pretty good size.

Of course, I’m obsessed with getting rid of everything and living in a “tiny house,” so 2500 square feet pretty much seems like a mansion to me.

Tiny house photo via Wikipedia
Tiny house photo via Wikipedia

Justin goes on to say that his new home will be built on some pretty special land.

“It’s been in our family since the late 1800s, so it ain’t no sellin’ it,” Justin says. “You don’t go build a nice house in a town of 300 people and expect to be able to get a return on your investment. That ain’t gonna happen. So, we’re gonna be there forever.”

Well it sounds like a nice legacy for his children and his children’s children.

Justin is currently working on his new album and plans to have a new single sometime this summer. Check out his concert dates here.


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    Oh my god, his wife and kids are so beautiful. I was on his concert and he is so lovely. I am sure he is good father.

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