Jason Aldean Wants To Make Beautiful Music With….Beyonce?


We just can’t keep Jason Aldean‘s name out of our mouths this week folks! I was going to make a serious effort NOT to write about him but then he had to go and tell E! News he wants to duet with the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce! And didn’t mention any other fellow country artists. Of course considering he’s worked with most of the big names, we can’t exactly blame him for wanting to step out of the box.

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“I love Beyonce,” Aldean told E! News. “Justin Timberlake and Rhianna, too.”

His new wifey, Brittany Kerr, added, “Adele¬†would be cool.”

You know…Adele WOULD be cool.

They also revealed to E! that their first dance at their wedding was to Lionel Richie’s ‘Stuck On You’.


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