Jake Owen to Cut Back on Drinking?

Jake Owen sat down with CMT’s Cody Alan and informed them that you be beachin without the drinkin. Which I am in favor of because let’s be honest, the day after a drinkin day at the beach isn’t always the most enjoyable.

“I’ve gotten to where I just realized that when I do drink, bad things happen,” Jake exclusively said to Cody. “I think once you realize that you just kind of have to be a smart man and do what’s best for you.”

Jake also told Cody his life with wife Lacey and 2-year-old daughter Pearl is “the greatest,”  adding he is “really comfortable where he is in his life right now.”  Um only the coolest statement considering how wonderful his lil family is!


“I ain’t saying I quit drinking,” he clarifies with a laugh. “But I don’t remember the last time I drank.”

Isn’t it funny how priorities change as you get older?

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