It is a BIG Deal Taylor Swift Spotted in Public Holding Hands with Potential Boyfriend

I don’t think the average public understands what a big deal it is that Taylor Swift was spotted out in public holding hands with a guy. Taylor hasn’t been in a relationship since 2012.  That is almost 3 years. That’s a long time no matter how you cut the cheese. And Taylor has praised the single life in the last year. Even going as far as saying “if we saw her out in public holding hands with someone, that person would be extraordinary.” Well, let us introduce you to Mr. Extraordinary….Calvin Harris.


Taylor and Calvin were spotted looking very cozy at the HAIM concert in LA last night(April 2nd). My source there said her happiness was radiant and Calvin was the perfect gentleman, even opening doors for her. Yeah….safe to say I totally ship these two together.

So, let’s forego all the “Taylor doesn’t have a Blank Space” jokes for just this once and genuinely wish her the best in her love life because after all…it’s turning out to be quite a Love Story. (See what I did there?)