George Strait is back with new single!

We learned via CMT’s Cody Alan that the one and only George Strait is back with brand spankin’ new single coined “Let It Go.” Not to be confused with the Frozen mega hit song. This is all George and ALL country. But the message is somewhat the same.


MCA Nashville

With lyrics like: “Let it go, sometimes you gotta let it go / Let it all wash on under the bridge, blow it a kiss / Give it a rest ‘cause it is what it is.” it’s about not sweating the small stuff. ANNNND there’s a traditional feel to it with steel guitars AND drums.

CMT After Midnite said:

“Let it go, you really gotta let it go,” George sings in the chorus. “Let it all wash on under the bridge, blow it a kiss/Give it a rest ‘cause it is what it is.”

And check this out/////“Let It Go” is the lead single from George’s forthcoming 27th studio album. YES that’s 27th album!

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