Garth Brooks rocks George Strait’s signature as fashion…


This this weekend’s Gala in Dallas, Texas, Garth Brooks was spotted with the signature of his hero, George Strait, on the collar of his shirt. When asked about it, his response was pure gold.

“Am I not George Strait? I thought I was,” he joked. “I’ve wanted to be George forever.”

“Can I call you George tonight? Is that all right?” wife Trisha Yearwood asked. Whatever floats your boat!

Before we think Garth stood in line for hours to get George’s John Hancock on his shirt, he was actually wearing a western shirt from Strait’s clothing line.

“You know what, I just never have really, I guess, done it. We’ve done things with Maury with the Mo Bettas. He’s got a new line out now for the new tour, so we’re wearing his stuff, too.”

Garth’s fashion go to is just wearing what he is in the mood for. Pretty simple.

“What I like is being free to wear whatever you want. So, if you want to put on a George Strait, or you want to put on a Wrangler, old-school kinda thing, then you can wear it. And that’s what I like,” he says.

So long as he doesn’t get fashion advice from Sam Hunt we should be good…


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