Even Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean’s music can’t save Tidal

Jason Aldean Tidal launch

With stars like Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jay Z, and even Madonna hocking your product, you’d think that a new music streaming service like Tidal would have taken off and given services like Spotify a real run for their money. But then you’d be wrong, wrong, wrong.

Last month, Jay Z launched his $20-a-month premium music streaming service to a whole lot of media attention. Less than a month later, however, and the service is now basically at the bottom of the barrell.

From Gawker:

Any hot new app will see a big drop in downloads after the hype from its launch dies down, but it doesn’t look like Tidal was all that hot to begin with. It briefly peaked at #19 overall before falling out of the top 200 less than two weeks later.

Meanwhile, its competitors are surging: Pandora is at #7, Spotify is at #34, and Beats Music just broke the top 50. Even circa-2013 Spotify challenger Rdio is seeing more downloads than Tidal this week.

Did any of you try Tidal? If you did, what did you think?


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  1. cjcowens10@yahoo.com'

    I think the writer didn’t do what educated professionals do, which is do her homework. Taylor never went on board with Tidal. She did not invest in it. Furthermore, Taylor let them have just her old stuff, but did not give them 1989. This a big fail on the part of the writer. I suggest going to journalism school before writing on factual stuff, which this writer clearly fails at.

    1. Shannon

      Are you always this much of a snoot or are you just extra bitchy when you’re trying to sound superior online? LOL.

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