Even Christina Aguilera has a voice on who should win Entertainer of the Year at the ACM’s

Ahh yes it’s that time again when singers up for the ACM Awards’ Entertainer Of The Year category campaign hard. They enlist the help of their mega famous friends in hopes it will sway you to vote for them. Or what probably happens is their team bribes these other famous friends’ teams to fake their support for them….either way it’s all so we will be persuaded to vote.

HOWEVER, one vote I have a hunch has to come from a genuine place is Christina Aguilera’s. Because she literally has no dog in the fight. Other than being friends with The Voice co-star Blake Shelton who happens to be married to the person she’s promoting. But that seems organic to me.

Oh…in case you’re still wondering who Christina wants to win….it’s Miranda Lambert.


Because Miranda is a lady and holding it down, she has MY vote….but who has YOURS?!

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