Dustin Lynch’s Approach to Radio Ready Singles Better Than Others?

Dustin Lynch has made one thing clear when talking to The Phoenix Times: He knows what country music radio listeners want. Whew…what a relief. Because a lot of us STILL aren’t sure.

Here’s an excerpt from the article to set the theme:

Unlike some country artists who complacently churn out radio-ready singles, Dustin Lynch also has an approach and a perception of “new-age country,” as he refers to it, that gives him an edge on his peers. There’s a sense of foresight to the 29-year-old Tennessean’s writing, plucking from both pop music and early ’90s country, that’s evident in a cut like his most recent hit “Where It’s At.”

Okay, legit point about this being “new-age country” but this method they speak of? Well, I am not quite sure I am hearing it.

Dustin personally chimed in and said this:

“That’s exciting to be able to introduce this element that no one’s heard yet on country radio. It’s crazy to think that “Where It’s At,” a lot of people don’t know [this] but the guitar line is a live ukelele solo. To my recollection, I don’t think that’s ever been done in country music. Country music is hungry for new and innovation sounds, song structures, and that’s exciting, it’s how we grow the genre, it’s what Taylor Swift brought to country music years ago.”

I think the fact a live ukulele was used IS innovation at its finest, but because the song fits a typical format of that same ol’ same ol’ when it comes to lyrics and melody, that little tid bit might get lost to the average listener.

One thing Dustin assured them is that he GETS his fan base and what they want and quite honestly, how can we argue with that? The numbers are there and at some point if you’ve got acknowledge that.

What do YOU think of Dustin’s song song ‘Where It’s At’?