Do you think Jason Aldean seems more focused and grounded since being married?


Hard to believe that Jason Aldean has been a re-married man for almost a month. I think that’s still called the honey moon stage, but they haven’t been able to spend much time at home as husband-and-wife.

Jason says, “I mean, we’ve been on the road pretty much the whole time since we got married. We really haven’t had a chance to have a honeymoon or any of that stuff, but that’s a cool thing. She gets to travel with me, and we get to go all over the country.”

The lack of time doesn’t stop Jason from acknowledging that the time they do spend together since being married is real quality time. So much quality in fact that he feels a lot more grounded. A lot more focused.

He adds, “I think she just kinda keeps me a little more focused, grounded, which I think I kind of needed in my life, for sure.”

Well, that’s the idea, right? To marry someone that makes you a better person.