Do you like Danielle Bradbery’s new ink?

Surely we aren’t the only ones that can’t picture Danielle Bradbery with a tattoo. I mean she’s got that absolutely adorable baby face that kind of screams girl next door. BUT….she’s growing up. And nothing adds a little edge like a forearm tattoo:



The tattoo has some pretty inspirational words: “God is greater than the highs and lows.” which I know fans have been curious about. Kind of makes the tattoo not quite as edgy, but definitely way cool.


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    They have done nothing but ruin this girl since winning the voice. She lost too much weight, wears too much make up and now tattoo. Her charm was she was an innocent wholesome 16 year old with an amazing talent. The packaging is all wrong. I can’t believe they @&$#%?# up what shoul have been the next Carrie Underwood!!


      What makes Danielle Bradberry partially interesting, aside from her fantastic voice, is the innocence she portrays. I hope she retains some of her natural beauty and can find a wholesome niche without being turned into just another interesting trash girl.

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