Cole Swindell tells off person on Twitter…

Coming from personal experience I would highly recommend NOT ticking off Cole Swindell. He’s a feisty lil firecracker and isn’t afraid to defend himself. Which for the record, I completely respect. But for some unfortunate soul, they went off and ran their mouth on Cole over a statement Mr. Swindell made regarding the Braves and Cole let him have it. Going as far as calling him “ya idiot.”

Check it out below:



Awe Cole….let it go…it ain’t worth the whiskey 😉

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    janet nave

    Borchetta is nuts. Guy is too old. Ronnie Dunn and Reba will have hard enough time getting played. And Martina too.


    Don’t be hating on Cole swindell just because he has more money than you better looking and could get any woman he wanted don’t hate because your not him

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