Chris Young May or May Not Use his Song Lyrics to Pick Up Women…


A hunky guy like Chris Young probably doesn’t need a lot of help picking up women, but considering his song ‘Lonely Eyes’ does contain some serious potential pick up lines, it wouldn’t hurt to know if Chris ever used them to hook himself up….and his answer may surprise you.

“I honestly have never tried that,” Chris says with a laugh. “I don’t even know if that would work. I mean, most girls are gonna be able to figure out that’s from a song, aren’t they?”

Upon pondering that, Chris did admit using song lyrics might make him sound “cooler” and “smarter” with the ladies.

He adds, “I’ll just go find songs that I’ve written already that haven’t come out and just have that shelved for when I need to say somethin’ that doesn’t sound moronic to a woman.”

He could use the word hot dog and I’d melt!

Check out Chris’s latest single, ‘Lonely Eyes’ below:

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