Brothers Osborne retaliate against Eric Church


Eric Church seems like he could be an intimdating dude, but even he likes to play pranks! He may have met his match with tour mates, Brothers Osborne though. They decided to retaliate.  And just so happens it was all caught on tape for our viewing enjoyment!\

Chhhheck it below:


Plant Based Meal Replacement

Eating healthy gets increasingly difficult as our lives grow more hectic. Preparing a balanced, nutrient-rich dinner may be time- and labor-intensive. That’s why plant-based meal

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Jake Owen is down for Larry the Cable Guy’s terrorist hunting plan

The U.S. government has spent a butt-load (understatement) of money on terrorists – hunting them down, preventing them from rising up and killing us all, training them (if you listen to the conspiracy theorists). Well according to Larry the Cable Guy, country music has the perfect weapon of mass terrorist destruction in its midst … Jake Owen.

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