Apparently Sam Hunt feels like the “newest” of the ACM Best New Artist nomineees

The Best New Artist category at the ACM Awards was under some speculation last year when Justin Moore was nominated(and won!) since he had been around since 2008. So considering this is Sam Hunt’s very first ACM Nomination as a singer, we see his point of saying he feels too new to be nominated.

Now Mr. Hunt has had his fair share of success this year, but despite that, Sam says, “I still really feel like too new to be New Artist of the Year, but so many good things have happened over the last several months that have allowed us to reach so many people. It’s phenomenal.”

Sam has been around the country music industry behind the scenes writing this for the likes of Keith Urban, but it’s true his dominance as a singer did come JUST this year while guys like Cole Swindell and Thomas Rhett have pound the pavement a bit more

So, we’re just wondering who do YOU think should win? And remember this is fan voted, so we do have some control! Fan voting in that category is now open at The winner will be announced live on the ACM Awards April 19 on CBS.


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    He is too new and furthermore, Sam Hunt is a pop singer.

    I can’t like this guy. Especially after he went on a twitter rant about COP CAR being stolen from him……accusing Keith Urban. Even though there were two other writers on the song. Keith Urban would never intentionally do anything like Sam Hunt implied. What a jerk. Bet he didn’t have a problem with spending the money Keith made for him.

    Brett Eldredge should have been in his slot!

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