Another cute country couple moment brought to us by Jackie Lee and Taylor Dye


Jackie Lee and Taylor Dye of Maddie and Tae got on our radar with their super cute antics on social media. Not only are the two extremely talented and beautiful, but they seem to really like each other.  Novel concept, huh? Jackie Lee took the cuteness to a whole new level when he confessed just how much of a winner Taylor made him feel on his Instagram as he he captioned the above picture with:

 I promise I’m the biggest winner tonight at the ACMs

And as if that wasn’t enough…he went on to Twitter to tell her just how good she looked:

OMG…too cute.


Luke Bryan May Not Want This Night to End

Though his career is young when compared to those of country music legends, Luke Bryan has already accomplished a great deal. Luke moved to Nashville in 2001, the same year the current Country Music Hall of Fame opened, and now, in 2015, the two have come together for a very special event.

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