Did You Catch the Sneak Peak Of Reba and Jennifer Nettles’ New Duet?

It was good enough knowing Reba was going to be releasing a studio album but the fact she just teased a snipped of a song called ‘Enough’ with Jennifer Nettles…it has us on excitement overload! The tune has strong acoustic influence and is a ballad that tells the story in the way only a Reba song really can.

Reba and Nettles trade verses on the song and then split the chorus which just sets the theme of the song. This song is the off the highly anticipated upcoming album Love Somebody and is the first record of hers to be released on the new Nash Icon label.

What do YOU think of the song?!


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  1. jodyjdc@aol.com'
    jody carmen

    Nice voice blending. Nice to hear a song of heartbreak instead of the usual I Love You bro crap. Gee country radio, you might have to play Reba, or will not play her again as you have done for George Strait? I have a suggestion; Sirius radio.

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