Wynonna didn’t smoke up with her mama

The Judds

Judd mama, Naomi, recently revealed to Taste of Country that she was so nervous before meeting record execs for the first time back in the ’80s that she lit up a joint in the bathroom to calm her nerves.

She and Wynonna then went in, killed it, got a record deal, and the rest is country music history.

But what about a young Wynonna? Naomi didn’t mention whether her daughter was in the bathroom smoking a doobie with her. Well it turns out that Wynonna didn’t even know about that interesting little tidbit.

“I’ve never heard her talk about that,” Wy said with a chuckle. She then goes on to reveal where she more than likely was while her mom was taming her nerves. “I was probably somewhere tuning my guitar.”

Check out Wynonna’s full interview below.


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