Who Is Little Big Town’s song ‘Girl Crush’ About?

Little Big Town’s latest single ‘Girl Crush’ has caused a little bit of a stir in the world of country music. It has had some people questioning if the song was about one woman’s romantic attraction to another woman.

For those that us that have listened to the song on repeat since it was released, we know that the song is actually just a play on words. So, whether you are pro it being about a woman/woman love affair or not, we are about to burst your bubble and say that is NOT what or who the song is about.

Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, who takes the lead vocals on “Girl Crush,” admits that while the song is a bit on the provocative side, the band never thought twice about recording it.

Karen told ABC Radio, “[The songwriter] Liz [Rose] said, ‘Hey, I gotta play this song we just wrote. You guys’ll never cut it, but I gotta play it for you,’” Karen continued. “I couldn’t get finished with the song listening to it before I could say, ‘Can we please have this song?’”

Good thinking because I’d bet my paycheck everyone has experienced this type of jealousy at least once in their life making it pretty relatable once you understand the true meaning of the words.


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