Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line Reveals Bachelor Party Plans

One half of the duo Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Hubbard, is set to get married longtime girlfriend Hayley Stommel this summer.

He told ET this: “I couldn’t be more excited, it’s gonna be awesome,” Tyler absolutely gushed when asked about his upcoming wedding to his beautiful fiancé.

His buddy and bandmate Brian Kelley even chimed in:

“They’re a great couple, they’re perfect,” Kelley adds. “I’m excited about the wedding — pumped! I’ve actually deemed myself the wedding planner, the best man, kinda everything. I’m running the ship here for the wedding, We’re gonna actually kick it at Tyler’s farm,” Kelley continued, “We’re gonna have all the groomsmen up and I think the recipe for that would be dirt bikes, some whiskey, some cigars, and probably a lot of fires, man. It’s gonna be a good time.”

Which has I am sure you can guess includes the bachelor party and we can’t wait to see what kind of fire they will be sipping on then!

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