Thompson Square Shows Us A Bold Side With New Song

Anyone else miss Thompson Square like we did? Well, good news folks….they are back with a new song titled “Trans Am.” And it’s got a lot of spice and even a lil kick to it. It’s exactly what you’d expect from this high energy duo/couple. And something tells me this is going to a good indication of what the rest of their album will sound like.

Keifer Thompson had this to say:

“This new music is a very tempo-driven project that probably represents us more than both of its predecessors.”

And about the single? Well, he added,  “‘Trans Am’ is a state of mind. It’s about liberation and not being painted into a corner. These new recordings show a more aggressive side of Thompson Square and reflects what fans experience at our live shows.”

And you only have to wait until April 13th to get a listen! That’s when it’s scheduled to hit the radio air waves!