The Voice’s Adley Stump literally gets paid peanuts

Adley Stump

Ever wondered if celebs get anything in return for tweeting about products?

Well wonder no more!

Logan’s Roadhouse is a restaurant that serves patrons buckets of peanuts and lets them throw the shells on the floor, which definitely sounds interesting. Well “The Voice” alum Adley Stump recently tweeted about loving the peanuts from there.

And guess what showed up on her doorstep not too long afterwards.

Yep, peanuts. Lots and lots of peanuts.

She tweeted: HOLY PEANUTS! Tweet about loving @logansroadhouse peanuts and wake up to this a few weeks later.…

And here’s the video.

Now that’s a celebrity perk I can get behind. Gotta love a good peanut.