Taylor Swift outsmarts the paps with those bikini pics

Taylor Swift enjoys a day by the oceanEven when on vacation, Taylor Swift isn’t really on vacation. She has to constantly worry or stress about her every move because truth be known it’s being documented. Every. Single. Move. is on film.

Talk about pressure. Geez.

Well, last month Taylor went on a vacation to Hawaii and to everyone’s surprise she posted a plethora of photos from her time there. And one of those was a coveted bikini photo showing off the “Style’ singers’ belly button.

Sounds silly, but that belly button was the source of some serious speculation and that shot was like winning the gossip world’s lottery. And Taylor knew that.  So while she was on vacation and saw that some sneaky paps were out to get that shot, she beat them to the punch and posted the photos on her instagram making their photos a lot less valuable. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. But also kind of sad.

When Swift told the story she had a child like innocence to her when she detailed that she thought they had actually found a place where no one was bothering them.  But how she is so in tune that hearing that little clicking sound of a camera that even the faintest click sets off her radar.

I can’t even imagine. But…that little trick came in handy when she beat the paps at their own game.