Taylor Swift breaks out her Michael Jackson moves to thwart the paparazzi

Taylor Swift at Brit Awards
Photo via Instagram

Sometimes you want your picture taken by the paparazzi and sometimes you just want to moonwalk your way out of them.

Taylor Swift decided Tuesday was a moonwalk sort of day.

As the singer was leaving her friend’s house in California amid a swarm of paparazzi on Tuesday, she decided to walk backwards into her waiting SUV to prevent the snappers from getting any good pictures of her.

Instead of pictures, they got this funny video.

Okay, it’s not as much a moonwalk as it is just a backwards shuffle, but it’s definitely funnier to imagine her trying to get her Michael Jackson moves on.

And in other Taylor news, the singer pointed out on Instagram that she was confused by the appearance of a random lime on stage during her Brits performance last week.

Upon closer inspection of the picture above, there definitely appears to be a lime on stage.

Damn limes, always trying to steal the spotlight.

From the tabloid side of the world, Taylor is reportedly getting ready to insure her legs for $40 million smackaroos.

Yowza! Makes telling someone to “break a leg” before they perform take on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

Now in good girl Taylor news, the singer made a dying 4-year-old girl’s final wish come true with a simple phone call.

Yep, sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact on a person’s life.

And in Taylor-famous-friend news, actress Jaime King has decided to honor Taylor by asking her to be her unborn baby’s godmother.

Can you imagine having Taylor as your godmother? That’s officially a kid who will forever have the best birthday and Christmases of any child ever!

And lastly in Taylor-can-make-anyone-rich-and-famous news, singer/songwriter Louisa Wendorff learned a valuable lesson recently – if Taylor likes you, chances are your life is going to change in a big way.

After Taylor tweeted late last year about being obsessed with Wendorff’s cover/mashup of her songs Blankspace and Style (watch below), Wendorff’s six-month-old EP (which didn’t even contain the mashup) immediately shot to #1 on multiple Billboard charts.

“I’m so blessed for what @taylorswift13 did for me,” the overwhelmed singer tweeted after Taylor’s Twitter endorsement of her. “Because of her, now I get to know all of YOU! lets make 2015 awesome, shall we?”

Now if I can only figure out how to get Taylor to endorse NashvilleGab.

And that’s your Taylor, Taylor, Taylor news of the day.