So We Are Clear: Jana Kramer’s New Song Is NOT About Brantley Gilbert


Jana Kramer‘s new song ‘I Got The Boy’ is a catchy little tune. It describes how maturity can come into play with a young love. We’ve all been there. Where we put in the sweat and tears into a relationship just hoping the other person will grow up and be the person you know they can only to get dumped and all your hard work goes to someone else?  Preach it sister.

Considering Jana was coming off her hot and heavy romance with country stud Brantley Gilbert who then moved on to his current leading lady, it was only natural for people to speculate that is who was the subject of Jana’s new song was about.

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But Jana isn’t about that life. Nope, in fact, Jana says she picked the song because it exactly describes her relationship with her high school boyfriend, Matthew, who is now married with kids.

And has for her feelings on Gilbert, Kramer said, “I was in a really unhealthy place and I attracted really unhealthy people. We’re both in happier places.”

Kramer has moved on to NFL free agent tight end Michael Caussin. The two are set to get married in a few months.

Listen to the song below:

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