RaeLynn Sees An Unlikely Debut For New Single


It’s always interesting to me to see just how Raelynn’s new music is going to do. Maybe it’s because I feel she gets a little extra push from Miranda and Blake or maybe it’s it could just be because  her last single didn’t do a ton for me vocally and/or lyrically and yet she still sees more success than some others that I feel are getting the shaft. Who know?

But no matter what it is, the fact of the matter is Raelynn’s new song has had some good press AND decent sales. That’s got to count for something but it’s still not able to break into the Hot 100. It did get the consolation prize of the being classified as a song that is on the verge of breaking into the Hot 100, but isn’t that kind of like the ol’ close but no cigar situation?

Have YOU heard her new single, ‘For A Boy’?

Check it out below: