Party Down South 2 Reality Star Bradley Mitchell Releases Mixtape

Party Down South

Bradley Mitchell is best known for his bad boy, two timing ways on the hit t.v show “Party Down South 2” on CMT. However, this time  he is going after something other than women…his dream.

Today via social media Bradley released a mixtape on Soundcloud where he mixed popular country songs such as Lee Brice “Drinkin Class” as well as Maddie & Tae’s “Girl In A Country Song.” The tracks are mixed with a up tempo/hip hopish sound. He also created a name that fits him perfectly, DJ Camo. According to Bradley’s manager he has already booked gigs at festivals this summer as well as country bars. Other DJ’s such as Dee Jay Silver have paved the way for up and coming talent like Bradley who dream of doing a big tour one day. A website where fans can download the tracks is currently in the works, until then you can enjoy DJ Camo’s mixtape via Soundcloud for free. You take the perfect country song and add just the right beat, it makes for one hell of a mixtape y’all. Check it out.

You can follow DJ Camo via twitter @officialdjcamo .

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