Now you can make your boots sparkly just like Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert in Little Red Wagon videoI had a post a week or so ago about how to get Miranda Lambert’s many looks from her Little Red Wagon video. One of the items I talked about was her sparkly red boots that people seemed to really want. I found out the boot info I posted was wrong after a couple of Miranda fans quickly corrected me and that the boots she wore were actually specially made ones from Miranda’s own shoe line “Miranda By Miranda Lambert.” But how did they get all that sparkle? I was told that Miranda’s stylist did the work, but it turns out she actually outsourced the sparkle work.

And you can do the same thing.

Last night there was a comment left on the Miranda Lambert Little Red Wagon post from Crystal4u, a company that specializes in sparkling things up.

Hi we’re Crystal4u 😉 We custom crystallized her boots. i was looking for photos of the boots from the video and stumbled upon this article. You can see more from our website of all her shoes we’ve so far customized. (media section).

A look at their website shows Miranda’s red boots before they hit the video scene.

Miranda Lambert's bootsMiranda Lambert red boots


They’ve also customized other boots for Miranda.

The best thing is you can send them your own shoes to have done all up fancy-like if that’s something that excites you. Check it out at

Very cool.