Miranda Lambert now has a rose named for her

Miranda Lambert pups and roses
Miranda Lambert with some pups and the new rose named after her. Photo via Facebook

Everything is coming up roses for Miranda Lambert these days … literally!

Earlier this month, Certified Roses announced at an event for Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation the inclusion in their 2016 catalog of a new rose named after Miranda Lambert.  MuttNation announced the news on their Facebook.

“We want to thank Certified Roses Inc for co-sponsoring our MuttNation Road Show last week in Dallas! They made the official announcement about the Miranda Lambert Rose!! It is a hot pink Hybrid Tea featuring huge blossoms and phenomenal fragrance. It is coming your way in early 2016!! Here’s the BEST news, they will be donating a percentage of sales to MuttNation Foundation!! We are so excited!! Thank you Certified for helping us end pet suffering and homelessness.”

Miranda Lambert Rose 2
Introducing the beautiful new Miranda Lambert Rose

The rose is so beautiful … just like its namesake.

So happy for Miranda.