Miranda Lambert calls truce between Oklahoma and Texas

Miranda Lambert

I’ve always wondered how tough it was for Texas native Miranda Lambert to have married one of the world’s most famous Okie’s, Blake Shelton. She’s seemed to have embraced her new found love of Oklahoma and planted her roots there, but where do her loyalties honestly lie?

“Oklahoma has welcomed me, and I found my second home in my husband’s home state,” she tells the Tulsa World. “We love living there on our farm. I am a fan of the small-town feel, and I get to be myself,” she says of her adopted hometown of Tishomingo.

While that may seem like the big state of Texas wasn’t going to get any love and that her final decision had been made on to which state was her favorite…have no fear…she quickly followed up with:

“My parents have instilled in me to be proud of where you come from, so I will always be very proud of being a Texan,” she adds.

Nice save Miranda.