Kristian Bush hits home run with “Trailer Hitch” in Australia


Not only do Australians get to claim Keith Urban AND cool accents, they now get Kristian Bush’s album, ‘Southern Gravity’, a month early! Check it though…it’s because his song “Trailer Hitch” was such a massive success down unda’.  The song’s video has also hit the numero uno spot on Australia’s video channels and Kristian is making the most of his success with an Australian tour starting this week.

Kristin told ABC Radio:

“I had gotten a phone call about doing a festival over there saying, ‘Would you consider doing this?’ Kristian went on, “and then it suddenly was piggybacked with two dates opening for Lady Antebellum.”

Not a bad set up! Kristian will play for about 45 minutes just before Lady Antebellum comes on to headline the shows. Considering Kristian was happy to get to play with them at all, the extended play time was a total bonus!

He says, “There are gonna be people out there that are gonna be singing these along with me, and that’s a thrill. You know, you think that would happen in your hometown first. You didn’t think it would happen in Melbourne.”

Kristian’s fans in the United States will have to wait until April 7 to purchase Southern Gravity. Which with all this hype seems like forever away!