Kenny Chesney Paid To Keep Taylor Swift Off His Tour?


I believe there is a Taylor Swift song that says “the rumors are terrible and true but honey most of them are true” and that just so happens to be the case with this one because Kenny Chesney DID pay to keep Taylor off his tour.

And while a juicy twist might make this story more interesting, the truth actually makes Kenny stand out as the good guy he is. You see, they had booked Taylor as a supporting act back when she was a minor. Which wouldn’t normally be an issue but since the tour was sponsored by Corona Light Beer it wasn’t in their best interest.

So Kenny was the one who picked up the phone to tell Taylor she wouldn’t be able to join them.  Before we go and accuse Kenny of Kanye’ing her, he apologized by showing her a pretty big check.  And let’s not feel too bad for Taylor. She was the one who who squashed any hopes of Kenny breaking Garth Brooks’ record for how many times they’ve won Entertainer Of The Year at the CMA’s.

Kenny joked he went up to her after that and asked for his money back.

Yeah it’s safe to say this didn’t hurt either of their careers.