Jason Aldean’s Fiance Probably Wouldn’t Do A Duet Because Of The Media Stuff They’ve Been Through?

1411666513_brittany-kerr-jason-aldean-467Country music couple’s doing duets is nothing new. In fact, some of the greatest duets have stemmed from the romantic connection. So when Jason Aldean opened up about singing with his fiancé (who WAS a contestant on American Idol) in the future it wasn’t a huge surprise he wasn’t completely against a possible duet.

“I don’t know. She sings in the car all the time. She’s actually a really good singer, man. [She’s] really soulful, has cool, raspy kind of voice … I dig listening to her sing,” said Aldean.

“But I think some of the stuff that her and I have gone through over the last couple of years she’s like ‘Eh eh, I don’t want any part of that,’ so she gets enough of it, I think, hanging out with me.”

Ahh, well I hope they don’t let whatever the media and fans had to say stop them from doing what makes them happy. Of course considering they have an upcoming wedding it would appear they aren’t.

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  1. tinkerbell2563.cr.cr@gmail.com'
    Cheryl Romero

    I think Jason, and Brittany are a beautiful couple, and whatever they deside to do is there business and people should just leave them alone life is to short to be worried about Jason&Brittany let them live there lifestyle there way just be Happy for them.

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