Jana Kramer Ready To Go To War With Madonna?


I don’t think it takes lot for you to figure out Jana Kramer is not only from Michigan, but she proudly represents the state. So when Madonna made some “awful” comments about growing up there, Jana didn’t hesitate to defend the state and her high school.

It’s not usually Jana’s style to be outspoken against another musician, let alone one of the biggest in the world, and while she says she is still a fan she wasn’t going to let anyone downgrade the mitten state.

“I rarely ever say anything negative but I take a lot of pride in my home state,” Kramer writes on her Instagram, “I grew up such a fan of Madonna and I always thought it was cool we went to the same high school.”

We should clarify that Jana said this accompanied by a photo of an article from US Weekly featuring a quote supposedly made by Madonna that said:  “I miss absolutely nothing about growing up in Michigan. Nothing at all.”

Doesn’t seem like TOO big a deal. I mean Madonna is entitled to her own opinion? Jana went on and saidL

“She said awful things about my high school and now reading US Weekly she says this,” Kramer writes. “She has a right to her opinion obviously but I would like to just state … my BEST memories of childhood and my life thus far was growing up in Michigan. I am so proud of my state and where I will forever call home in my heart.”

And she didn’t stop there, she continued: “Every time I’m stressed I picture myself on the lake up north Michigan. That is my happy place and I guess I’m just protective of where I come from … so I guess all I have to say is … Michigan, I love you and will never forget the state that raised me.”

Whew. Note to self: Don’t talk crap on Michigan with Jana Kramer around.