Hunter Hayes Helps Announce New CMA Music Fest Features

Hunter Hayes couldn’t have been happier as he attended the 2015 CMA Music FestivalPress Conference held at Hard Rock Cafe Nashville on Friday the 13th in Music City.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.25.17 AM

The ‘Invisable’ singer was there to help the CMA Music Festival announce new features for the annual event, which include a new app, merchandise and fresh branding. Gotta keep up with the times yo!

“The special thing about what CMA has done is connection,” Hunter shared during the press conference. “We make music and we sit in our rooms for years trying to write music that connects with someone. Just telling your story is fun. It’s special and magical and becomes music when you get to share it with someone else and you share that story together.”

He added, “CMA Fest allows you to not only do that with music but also with one-on-one time with fans. There are so many opportunities for connection in a deep and profound way, and all of this makes music for tomorrow.”

The CMA Music Festival will kick off on June 11th this year and with these new features it looks like it could be the most connected year yet!

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