Hunter Hayes could be country music’s next big host

Hunter Hayes

Now that Hunter Hayes has a little hosting experience under his belt thanks to last month’s pre-show at the Grammy’s, it appears he has been full on bit by the hosting bug! Despite his nerves about reading the Teleprompter at the live Grammy pre-telecast because he messed up several times reading his script from the Teleprompter during a video shoot to promote the Grammys, Hunter came through like a champ for the actual show. 

“We did rehearsals, and it was, like, phew, easy,” Hunter says with a laugh, “I was so tempted to drop the mic [after rehearsals].”

Hunter told ABC Radio, “I’ve always wanted to host stuff. Really, honestly. That’s been a secret goal of mine for a long time.”

So watch out world, Hunter is ready to be the big host at other big events like the CMA or ACM Awards.

He says, “Anybody who needs a host anytime soon, I know a guy.  Call me. Plenty of people that I can have as a co-host, too.”

Hey…that doesn’t sound that crazy of an idea at all!

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