Get Miranda Lambert’s ‘Little Red Wagon’ look (including THOSE boots)

Miranda Lambert in Little Red Wagon video
Miranda Lambert looking hot in her Little Red Wagon video. Photo via YouTube

After a music video comes out it’s common for fans to go search happy looking for what was worn in the video. Miranda Lambert‘s recent Little Red Wagon video, however, took this searching for THE LOOK to a whole new level.

Ever since the video hit the web earlier this month, people have been showing up on NashvilleGab like crazy (and I mean LIKE CRAZY) searching for the various items of clothing and accessories the singer was sporting in the video. After searching and searching and searching in particular for the adorable red boots she wore (because I’m like any other search-happy fan), I figured I’d share with you what I’ve found.

Photo via Instagram
Photo via Instagram

First, the dog. Come on, we’ve got to talk about the little Toto-looking pooch who, to me at least, steals more than a few scenes in the video. While I’m sure I could go and look up the breed and tell you breeders around the country to purchase an identical dog, Miranda Lambert is a huge supporter of pet adoption, so why not try visiting PetFinder or Adoptapet to find your own new buddy to adopt?

If you’re wondering if you could find a dog similar to the one from the video, fear not. Here’s a little no name guy in California, here’s Justin in Montana, and Gizmo who is also in California. Go forth and adopt! Adopt! Adopt!

Miranda Lambert bootsNow for those boots. Unlike the lyrics from the song, I’m pretty sure these aren’t Tony Lamas. I wasn’t able to find the exact boots Miranda wears, but I am pretty sure I found who makes them – Old Gringo Boots.

Miranda has been a fan of Old Gringo Boots for a while and wore a pair in her Fastest Girl in Town music video. She also bought all her bridesmaids boots from the company to wear to her wedding to Blake Shelton. You can check out Old Gringo Boots’ website to see their large line of colorful women’s boots with many of them similar to the pair in the video. River Mercantile also has an easier-to-peruse inventory to check out.

Update: @MirandaLambertDaily corrected me on the boots – “actually her red boots are custom made from her own line. And she wore custom made Casadei boots to her wedding.” Leigh also commented on the subject – “Miranda’s boots are Miranda by Miranda Lambert and then there were bedazzled according to her stylist Tiffany Gifford.” So there you go. Sometimes it takes a village to keep this site running on the straight and narrow. I had actually emailed Miranda’s people about the boots after the video came out and they said they would get in touch with the singer’s stylist and hopefully get back with me. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so you win some, you lose some. Anyway, you can check out Miranda’s boot line here. Unfortunately, there aren’t any red ones available, but maybe Miranda will get busy and release some in the near future.

Miranda Lambert Mrs. Shelton beltSpeaking of things Miranda had at her wedding. The belt she wears in the LRW video that says  “Mrs. Shelton” also made an appearance at her wedding and was made at Double J Saddlery out of Yoakum, Texas. You can purchase their belts  here.



Now for that Little Red Swimsuit. Talk about sexy sexy sexy! I’ve seen several websites talk Miranda Lambert bathing suit in Little Red Wagonabout the suit already, so you may have come across this somewhere else. The suit comes from ModCloth and is called the Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit in Red By Esther Williams.

Yep, that Esther Williams.

Completely amazing! You can purchase one just in time for summer for $89.99. It’s also available in other colors just in case vavavavoom red isn’t your thing.

Miranda Lambert gown in Little Red Wagon videoAnd how about one of the few things in the video that wasn’t red … that silky pink number Miranda rocked in the hotel.

This bit of clothing info came directly into my inbox. The outfit underneath the pink robe is called the Pink Playsuit from Dur Doux. You can purchase it here.

Miranda Lambert red sandals


Miranda also sported a cute pair of handkerchief sandals poolside in the video. For these you can look no further than your local Nordstroms. I’m not 100% sure it’s the exact same shoe, but it is very, very similar. The Moschino ‘Bandana’ Platform Sandal is available for $750 here.

heart sunglasses

Now for the sunglasses. While I’m not sure who makes the ones in the video, I did find some perfect matches. For the heart sunglasses, I found these on Etsy, which are a steal at $21.  As for the cute half red, half maybe metallic (or gray or something) sunglasses Miranda wears at the beginning of the video, I haven’t been able to find those, although there are some vintage Christian Dior sunglasses floating around that look sorta similar.

As for those AH-MAZING! silver earrings Miranda rocks, I haven’t been able to find those either. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Miranda’s stylist bedazzled those like she reportedly did with Miranda’s red boots. I guess it might be time to dig out the old glue gun and practice my gluing techniques because I love these earrings.

Miranda Lambert earrings and sunglasses

Whew. Now that’s a lot of cool stuff. If you have found something featured in the video (or your company had something featured) be sure to let me know and I will add it to the list here.

Now here’s the video that inspired it all.


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    Miranda’s boots are Miranda by Miranda Lambert and then there were bedazzled according to her stylist Tiffany Gifford


    Hi we’re Crystal4u 😉 We custom crystallized her boots. i was looking for photos of the boots from the video and stumbled upon this article. You can see more from our website of all her shoes we’ve so far customized. (media section).

    1. Shannon

      Amazing! Thank you for sharing.

    Cheryl Howie

    looking for the red top she has on in little red wagon

      Cheryl Howie

      I found the red top on pinup girl couture it is the sean top


    what about those amazing earrings?? any idea where to find them?


    I would love to find that blue ring she has on with the heart glasses too!! anything?


    I have the exact dog, ours is a boy named Tai, he’s a Chihuahua/yorkie mix, chorkie.


      Would love to know how to attach a picture of tai

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