Frankie Ballard Says Peace Out To Nashville For New Album…


It’s not entirely unusual for country music stars to get out of Nashville. I guess people have to find their motivation or inspiration somewhere and Music City isn’t ALWAYS someone’s cup of tea. So, Frankie Ballard’s latest decision to record his follow up album at an undisclosed location OUTSIDE of Nashville isn’t anything truly out of the ordinary I suppose. But putting out and equal to or better album that Sunshine & Whiskey is.  Frankie stressed just how important his next album quality had to be in order to compete with the success from his debut smash album. And heading south of Nashville for 10 days to just engulf himself in the process is the way to help secure that.

Good thinking truthfully. I like me some Frankie Ballard and want to see him stick around for a while so whatever it takes to put out an EXCELLENT follow up album is fine by me.


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