Dustin Lynch Says Luke Bryan crowds aren’t into early 2000 music

Dustin Lynch

Photo via Instagram

One thing that has been a highlight for Dustin Lynch opening for Luke Bryan on his 2015 tour has been the age of the people in the crowds.  It’s filled up with a lot more college students, which means Dustin’s cover songs had to take a little bit of a curve to accommodate them.

Word on the street is he did a really cool mash-up of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Summer Love’ and then went into Ja Rule, ‘Mesmerize,’ and took that and went straight into ‘Where It’s At.’  Only one problem….after about three shows it became painfully obvious no one in the crowd knew those songs.

Dustin figured that a lot of the fans at the Luke Bryan show weren’t even teenagers when those songs came out, so he’s mixing it up with more current cover songs like one from Drake. This is all because he’s hoping to get those Luke Bryan fans to also become Dustin Lynch fans.

You know….here’s an idea…maybe they don’t know those songs because they’re really into country and those aren’t country songs? I could be off my rocker.

But then again they are at a Luke Bryan concert so who knows what their tastes are…I kid. Kind of.

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