Did Sam Hunt Have Doubts About His Song ‘Take Your Time’?


While Sam Hunt‘s latest success comes in the form of a song called ‘Take Your Time’…Sam wasn’t always so confident the song would take off.

“‘Take Your Time’ is a song I wrote two or three years ago,” Sam says, “and it was sort of my first experience using a unique cadence in the verses and flowing from that spoken thing into a melody and then back again.”

He had his doubts it wouldn’t fit the mold for modern country music. Which is funny considering he is almost the poster boy for modern country music now.

“It probably represents a lot of the R&B influence that a lot of my music has, and I’ve always been really attracted to that rhythmic style of music. It’s a song that I’ve had for a while and been most antsy about putting out, because it is one of the first songs I wrote when I started working on my own project.”

Well, just goes to show you never know what country music is going to do!