Did Mickey Guyton Have a Quarter Life Crisis?


Mickey Guyton is fully aware of all the talent in Music City. So, that makes her pretty darn grateful her career is taking off. But how it is taking off might have stemmed from a little fate. Considering her first writing session she was set to be collaborating with total strangers — Jennifer Hanson and Jenn Schott — and she kind of HAD to spill intimate details of a recent, extremely painful breakup within minutes of meeting them. How’s that for a “How do ya do?”

“I had my final fight with my ex-boyfriend — he was trying to come back into my life after we’d been going back and forth for about four years,” Mickey states, “He said to me, ‘Don’t make me find someone else.’ I couldn’t believe he would say something like that! I was charged up from that conversation.”

Guy ton gives credit to Hansen with the “aha” moment: “Jennifer said, ‘But you know what? You’re better than he left you.'”  Annnnd the rest as they say is history. That lil song would then go to producer-songwriter Nathan Chapman for the finishing touches, and finally on to country radio to become Mickey’s record breaking debut single!

Check it out below: