Brett Eldredge may just hang from a crane for third #1 single

Brett Eldredge swims with sharks - Photo via Twitter
Brett Eldredge swims with sharks – Photo via Twitter

Brett Eldredge jumped out of a plane after earning his first #1 single and then swam with sharks after earning his second. So what does Brett have planned now that he’s earned his third #1 in a row with Mean to Me? Well it might have something to do with hanging from a crane.

Brett hasn’t actually decided what he’ll do just yet, but he tells Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that he’s considering something called ‘Dinner In The Sky’.

Sounds sort of quaint, doesn’t it? Well don’t let the nice name fool ya, it’s actually scarier than it sounds.

“I’ve got a couple ideas, but there’s one I’m fascinated by called ‘Dinner In The Sky,‘” Brett said. “It’s where you hang from a crane 300 feet in the air. You invite some friends, and you’re strapped in your chair, and your feet are dangling, and you eat a five course meal hanging in the air. I’m hoping they have a lot of booze up there!”

Well I’m not sure lots of booze would be a good thing because if you get vertigo and get sick, it really only has one way to go.

All I’m going to say is I’d hate to be the people below. Yikes!

If you’re still curious about the Dinner In The Sky, check out the video below.

What do you think Brett should do to celebrate Mean To Me‘s success?