Brad Paisley has a jam session with young guitarist…

So yeah…this happened. Brad Paisley fulfilled his promise to a fan in a BIG way. Check it out….

Earlier this year, Blaze posted to YouTube a music video titled “I Wanna’ Jam With Brad Paisley” that features him jamming with Paisley and by jamming with Paisley we mean Brad’s head put on Blaze’s body.

But as luck would have it, Brad watched the video, shared it on Twitter, and wrote:

“Speechless. Obviously, a lot of work went into this. & yessir, I will jam with you. My local @guitarcenter or yours?”

And this where the dream come true moment happens…The collaboration ended becoming  reality last Thursday at Paisley’s show in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They jammed during his soundcheck which we can imagine was cool enough, but as a surprise, Paisley also invited Blaze onto the stage during the concert to perform Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride and Joy” and Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way,” plus Paisley’s own hits “River Bank” and “Alcohol.”

Can you even imagine?! Well you kinda can because there was a video that captured it and you can check it out below:

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