Blake Shelton once helped Thomas Rhett with his homework

Thomas Rhett playing guitar

I knew Thomas Rhett was young, but I had no idea he was THIS young.

So just how young IS T.R., you ask? Well he’s young enough that he once had Blake Shelton help him with his English homework.

From IHeartRadio:

Growing up in the 90’s with Rhett Akins as his dad, Thomas Rhett was always around country music singers and was used to them hanging out around the house. In fact, he recalls one time when he was a kid that Blake Shelton came to their house. “When I was in the eighth grade I came home with an English project and Blake Shelton helped me with my English project,” says Thomas. “He was at the house hangin’ out with Dad and I showed him my paper and he helped me correct the paper.”

Not that Thomas didn’t have any faith in Blake’s tutoring skills, but he says, “I think I got a ‘B’ on the paper, it’s more than I expected, I guess.” Thomas is celebrating his third consecutive #1 song this week with “Make Me Wanna” landing at the top of the charts.

In case you’re wondering who Thomas’ dad is, he’s hit singer/songwriter Rhett Akins, singer of such 90s hits as That Ain’t My Truck and She Said Yes.

And just in case you’re actually curious what the age difference is, Thomas is 24 and Blake is 38.