Apparently Being A Country Music Fan Makes You A Racist?

It’s not exactly common for the country music world and politics to collide so when they do, there’s usually a good story behind it. And you better believe this is a good story. MSNBC had to issue an apology for one of its guests because ran their mouth. While On Now With Alex Wagner,’s senior editor Jamilah Lemieux responded to Senator Ted Cruz’s statement about listening to country music after 9/11( “My music taste changed on 9/11,” he said. “And it’s a very strange … I actually find this very curious, but 9/11, I didn’t like how rock music responded, and country music collectively, the way they responded, it resonated with me, and I have to say it, just as a gut level, I had an emotional reaction that says, ‘These are my people.’”)

Gamily then retorted with: “Nothing says, let’s go kill some Muslims like country music….I mean, really? That’s absurd.”

Now an apology has been issued so we should be able to forgive and forget, but watch the below video and tell us what YOU think…