The Bros. Landreth drop their rock-roots anchor at Mercy Lounge


The Bros. Landreth blasted through their concert at Mercy Lounge on Thurs. (Feb. 5) with a stormy (but collected) calm. Swelling each and every lyric with a gritty, passionate and driving emotion, lead vocalist Joey Landreth's nuanced approach rivals that of any current mainstream superstar (Zac Brown, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw). But what he possesses is that innate ability to slice the noise with his voice, splattering the country backdrop with so much rich and colorful oil that each song is like a portrait or a stunning landscape. Of course, it helps when he's backed by such a talented and masterful band: Dave Landreth (bass), Ryan Voth (drums) and Ariel Posen (guitar) lift the melodies into the stratosphere. They way they've crafted and sharpened each song is an intoxicating thing to behold.

On stage, gathered by throngs of friends and fans, alike, the band ripped into several cuts off their just-released album Let It Lie. Stacked with fire-burning uptempo tracks and many mid-tempo hummers, they didn't let a moment waste the crowd's time. "My dad wrote [this song] over 20 years ago. It needed a home and he let us have it," Joey said before launching into the slinky "I Am the Fool," one of the evening's most enjoyable performances.

Of course, they didn't leave the night without a few more emotional send offs. "Let's get sensitive for a moment, if that's alright. Here's a love song," he said, referencing the haunting "Nothing." There are very few southern rock-influenced bands that can accomplish as much diversity in a live concert setting as the Bros. Landreth, which brands them apart from all of the convoluted, poppy, especially try-hard groups in Nashville. Their 45-minute set also included "Our Love," "Let It Lie" and "Runaway Train," among a handful of others.

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