Taylor Swift goes after the crafty crafters of the world

Crafty Shake It Off poster from Etsy

Shake It Off banner by The Bannerie

Etsy sellers beware! Taylor Swift won’t tolerate you crafty little buggers stealing her song lyrics.

It’s probably not surprising in the least, but Taylor Swift’s people have started (or probably have been for a long while) sending out cease and desist letters to the crafty folks on Etsy who dare use Taylor’s song lyrics to decorate the items they create and sell.

One seller expressed her displeasure to BuzzFeed.

Fans like to see themselves as part of the artist’s story, however small. They want to contribute and be creative and have fun. These free, loving, creative minds are being stopped by the very artists who have inspired them. 

Obviously an artist has a right to their art and people should respect that. But at the same time most people, like us, are trying to be respectful and contribute to the excitement that the artist brings into our lives. 

When that is taken away, it leaves us with a bitter taste in our mouths. It feels as though we don’t matter, that our ideas and thoughts and creations never belonged to us in the first place. No matter how hard we worked. And for other fans who make art, I’m afraid that this is going to be the future.

Taylor recently made news when she trademarked various song lyrics from ‘1989’ such as “this sick beat,” “party like it’s 1989,” and “cause we never go out of style,” so it can’t be much of a surprise that she would actually take action if people used her lyrics. Then again, I think people are so used to Taylor seeming like such a sweet person who loves her fans to death that it surprises them when she actually turns out to be a savvy business woman.

So I guess that means if you want to order a unique Taylor Swift gift from Etsy for the fan in your life, you better hurry before they take down the thousands and thousands and thousands of items that still remain on the site.

Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.