Sunny Sweeney releases new single, duet with Will Hoge called ‘My Bed’

Sunny sweeney my bed

I will hashtag this #awesomenewsforfebruary2015. Sunny Sweeney has just recently announced that her new single will be 'My Bed', which is a duet with Will Hoge. The track is from the feisty Texan's critically-acclaimed 2014 album 'Provoked', which also featured the lead single 'Bad Girl Phase'. What's also badass about this song is that it was co-written alongside Pistol Annies members Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley. Talk about raw country girl power.

Inspired by Sunny's first marriage (she is now happily re-married), 'My Bed' is about that place in a relationship where both parties have emotionally moved on, but continue to drag out their being together. Making it a duet with Will Hoge was a stroke of genius, because it really brings the heart in this song to life.

You can check out the generally-amazing Sunny and Will on the song below. Don't forget to request it at radio! 

Can you tell I'm fangirling?


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